Mindful Eating Starter Kit (70% OFF)

The Ultimate Bundle of Meditations, Audio Guides, Checklists, Habit Trackers, and Recipes to Mindfully + Intuitively Listen To Your Body And Eat All 3 Meals Peacefully

What you'll get INSTANT access to:

  • 10 sets of tools for 10 different meal scenarios (Ex: The busy mom at breakfast, The back-to-back lunch meetings professional, The distracted dinner eater)
  • 10 Tap In Audio Guides to mindfully listen to your body in less than 30 seconds before you start eating
  • 10 Mindful Eating Checklists to show you the step-by-step mindful eating process
  • 10 3-Minute Grounding Meditations to get grounded and intuitive for each meal
  • 10 Mindful Habit Tracker Templates to hold yourself accountable for mindful eating every day
  • 60 Recipes (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, Dessert) that are ready in under 30 minutes

Total Value: $350

Today's Price: Only $29

What Sloane's Clients Are Saying:

$29 USD Mindful Eating Starter Kit (70% OFF!)

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One-Time Offer: Add the Emotional Eating Rescue Kit

Eating mindfully is important, but if stress, boredom, and other anxious emotions are causing you to eat mindlessly, then we have to get to the bottom of that!

Emotional Eating Rescue Kit by Sloane Elizabeth

This is your one and only chance to grab the Emotional Eating Rescue Kit for 50% OFF which includes:

  • Hunger Cue Identifier: PDF quiz to assess if you’re actually hungry or just emotional
  • 3 5-Minute Coping Meditations: Deal with boredom, stress, and other emotions
  • 3 Emotional Coping Templates: Step-by-step actions to take when you’re feeling bored, stressed, or emotional
  • 15 Emotional Processing Journal Prompts: Process your emotions before you start eating

Add this to your order for $39 $19 extra.