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Body Love Blueprint

Are you someone who is struggling to fully love and accept their body? It's exhausting to constantly obsess about your weight, how clothes look on your, or exercising enough...but it never does feel like enough. Maybe you're always chasing the vision of a "perfect body", leaving you feeling disappointed and ashamed of your reflection. 

But you've finally had enough - now you're ready to do the inner work so you can feel confident, relieved, and genuinely happy in your body. You're ready to look in the mirror with love, feel amazing in your skin, and release the obsessive negative thoughts that have been occupying your mind for too long! 

The Body love Blueprint is your step-by-step guide to help you learn how to accept, respect, and love the bod you're in so that you can live life with confidence, ease, and love!

You'll Get Lifetime Access to:

  • 3 Recorded Modules to help you break through your insecurities and self limiting beliefs so you can completely shift your relationship with your body and tap into the limitless confidence that you desire.
  • Journals Prompts & Worksheets to empower you to reflect, process, and uncover your old stories so that you can write new ones and step into your highest self.
  • Community Facebook Group to provide community and unlimited support.
  • BONUS Workshop on moving & exercising with love.
  • BONUS Meditation on activating your inner confidence.
  • BONUS yoga and pilates-inspired workout videos to empower you to move your body with confidence and love.


  1. ACCEPT: Beginning with gratitude. Accepting reality, perspectives, and flexibility within the body.
  2. TRUST: Learning to feel safe. Releasing obsessions and control. Getting grounded in the body.
  3. LOVE: Leaning into love over fear. Genuinely embracing and honoring this body with total love.

What People Are Saying:

I have never in my whole entire life felt more intuitive and in love with myself. Every single day, whether I have a bad body image day or intrusive thoughts, I am able to turn to the resources Sloane gave me and let go and overcome how I'm feeling.


I worked out in a sports bra for the first time in months, and I was actually proud of what I saw instead of covering it up with clothes!


I woke up today and spontaneously decided to go to the pool and I was like "hm idk if I'm 'swimsuit ready' yet" and then I looked in the mirror and was like "wow I look really good" and sent myself love, which is something I never would've done a year ago!